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Hotel On Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully
Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 4/5

This is the story of Martha, Maya and Hans and how their lives become intertwined through the years, starting before the second war and ending in the present. Neither of them had an easy life but you will feel their emotions like it's your own skin.
Ready to enter to the Shadow Lake Hotel?

"She needed a routine like air to breathe. Only those who knew her very well -and they were far and few- knew why: it was her way of numbing her mind, of silencing the past and calming the voices that would remind her that life could have been so different, if only..."

This is a bitter sweet love story told between the years and in moments where life was more precious than even love.
In the beginning I wasn't sure what to expect of this book, a murder commited 20 years ago? I wasn't sure Maya would have the answers she was searching but instead more questions. But let me say that this is a book with a lot of stories inside, most of them sad, but at the same time too real.
Martha who will discover a lost letter, Maya who lost her grandmother and Hans who never felt happiness. They will all tell us their dreams and hopes, and teach us too that destiny has always their own mind no matter what our dreams are.
Be prepared to a walk through the past where love, treason and jealousy will be mixed in this beautiful story.
Do you believe in true love?

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