Happy Birthday Little One

Today my little one will be two, I can describe you the happiness I feel knowing that he is healthy, happy and ready to discover anything new. But his birthday is always bitter-sweet, my mum passed away on a 28th too, and she will never be there on one of my little ones birthday.
I read everywhere about Cancer research, new trials and survive percentages, but you know, any of this matters if you have symptoms and don't go to the doctor. I am not telling going every week, but at least if you have something that it's not normal in your body, check it, if my mum had gone to the doctor before, she would still be here.
I am not writing this post to conscience about Cancer, I am sure we all have someone loved that has passed away with this illness and know how dangerous it is not being treated, simply, to remember that if you don't get treat your family and friends will miss you very much.
So, happy birthday little man...  mum, I miss you so much!

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