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Forget Her Name by Jane Holland
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Rachel's Random Resources
Rating: 4/5

Catherine is having a stressing time, so when she receives a weird present on the post from her dead sister, she will start feeling that someone is trying to frighten her, but why? Is it possible that Rachel is still alive? Remember not to forget her name...

"I try to relax, enjoy being cuddled, feeling safe again. But behind tightly closed eyes, I'm still fretting. And not only about my wedding dress. I should have told Dominic about the snow globe. The truth about Rachel, too. We're going to be married soon, he deserves to know the worst. But I love him too much to cause him worry, specially after tonight's horror show.
Is love all that matters though? I wonder. Is love enough? No mater who you are and what you've done?"

I have to say I have mixed feelings about this book, it had been an addictive read, original and twisted but at the same time it was like the story could not be possible, something too weird to accept it as real.
The story is told by Catherine and how day by day she is discovering that her sister thought to be dead long ago is sending messages to her. If this is not scaring enough, her parents hide something from her sister's death that makes the story more scaring too. She seems that her only trusty person is her future husband, Dom, or does he have a secret agenda too?
As we pass chapters of this book, we could sense Catherine's stress and fear to discover the truth... What is really happening to her? Is she seeing ghosts or someone wants to hurt her?
I liked Catherine, she is shy but tries to be a better person, what I didn't understand very much was her relation with her parents, but as soon as we start knowing them, what I really don't understand is why is she still talking to them! They are bossing, controlling and of course very rich, they don't accept any of her choices and of course they don't like her partner, Dom. After reading the book you could say that they "have" a motive to be so weird, but no, sorry, I don't think they love Catherine, neither Rachel, if you ask me. Dom is another story... does he really love Catherine? Seems so, but is he ready to accept the truth? We'll see...
At the end of the book I would have liked to read a longer epilogue to know how the characters continued living knowing the truth they discovered, because it's not something you can accept from one day to another! It was too short for my taste, I wanted an epilogue from the epilogue! ;)
This is an original book, an interesting read for any psychological thriller lover that wants to stay a few hours completely abducted by this book. It will leave no one indifferent, I can assure you.

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