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Force Of Nature by Jane Harper
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Little, Brown Book Group
Rating: 4'5/5

Alice Russel has disappeared in a corporate retreat excursion. Did she get lost or something happened to her?
The police officer Aaron Falk and his partner will try to help the police in this disappearance, but why they are interested in a missing woman? Do they have secrets motives too?
Start reading to discover all the truth, I can assure you it will not disappoint you! ;)

"'What about -'
'What about what?'
'... What about Alice?'
An awful hush. The only sound was the creak and rustle as the trees watched down over their tight circle of four.
'Alice brought this on herself.'"

In this crime noir atmospheric read it's not really important the whom but the why, because Alice is one of those characters than instead of collecting stamps she collects enemies. Everyone has a motive to kill her, but there's too the light possibility that her disappearance has something to do with a serial killer from a long time ago... let me say that this is an Agatha Christie mystery, full of twists and secrets. This is what makes a book interesting, enjoyable and addictive, trying to discover which one of your theories is the real, I am right?
To make the book more suspenseful, it is told between the present (while they are searching Alice) and the retreat (where we can see the tension growing and the "friendship" between all the possible killers) making the atmosphere more oppressive and dangerous as we move closer to the ending.
Aaron Falk doesn't have a lot of importance in this book, it's like he is conducting the threats of the plot from the rear, never leaving but not being neither a relevant part of the book.
Let me say something, making an excursion for 4 days in a mountain in a survival mode with your co-workers is never a good idea, it will always take the worst of you, even with the ones you have more friendship, so really, it didn't surprise me that it ended with a missing person! I am sure that the next time you'll go on an excursion with friends you'll think about it!
This book had been a great read; atmospheric, interesting, original and of course a page-turner!
Have you seen Alice?

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