Amor - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today I want to share with you a sweet word, with feelings and personality, Amor. /emɔː/
Amor is the same word as love, or a strong feeling of affection. For me love is something vital in a person's life; loving a person, animal, work... it doesn't matter what or who you love, loving is something difficult to explain with words, but it makes your life better and happier!

I hope you enjoy this poem from the famous writer Paulo Coelho, enjoy!

L'al·lucinogen més potent del planeta es diu amor,  ens fa veure i escoltar coses que no existeixen. -Paulo Coelho

The most powerful hallucinogenic of the planet is called love, it makes us see and listen things that doesn't exist. -Paulo Coelho

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The source of the poem is Bibliopoemes.

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