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A Well-Timed Murder by Tracee de Hahn
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Agnes Lüthi will have a quite complicated case to investigate full of possible killers, but just one motive possible, something that could change the watch business... Ready?

“Your call was the best news I’ve had in weeks,” she added. “A few days ago one of my kids accused me of missing the criminals.”
Vincent – her oldest – had phrased it more bluntly: that she liked spending time with the bad guys more than with them. Before she could protest, her youngest son had added that at least she wasn’t a criminal herself. They’d all laughed. It was true, she did miss work. Surely that wasn’t a bad message for the boys? Their father had had a strong work ethic.
Aubry pulled his wrist up and spoke into a microphone, asking a question. He looked a her. “When are you officially back on the job?”

This is a low-paved story, complex and full of characters that will keep you glued to the pages till the last moment. Sometimes the plot was a little too slow and I was a little lost with so many characters, but I was delighted with the original plot and all the layers inside!
Agnes' life has not been easy lately, so she could understand grieving and that when someone passes away with strange circumstances the family needs to know the truth. But, while she is trying to discover the truth she will uncover a few secrets... Because every clue Agnes discovers it goes to the private school were the victim passed away... was he the target or some of the students of the private school? And what are the weird lights that move around the forest at night? Do they have anything to do with the killing? So many secrets!
I have to say I missed a little more of background of the main character, Agnes, the book was too focused on the mystery that it felt a little cold, a human touch. This is the second book of the series of the "Agnes Lüthi Mysteries", so maybe I had to read first the "Swiss Vendetta" to fully understand her... 
In the main story we will see first sight how competitive a business could be and that sadly, everyone is ready to kill for a good idea!
Ready for a timed murder?

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