The Stationery Selection - November 2017

Yes, I know, this is not the last shipment of The Stationery Selection, it's from last year! But this is the funny thing of spending more than a month travelling and during Christmas, everything was delayed and I received two shipments together. So, I thought even this is not the last box, it's great and is worth taking a look at the beautiful products that has inside, take a look...

First of all, this original agenda/notebook, it's just for half year, but it has the perfect size to keep your events on date and wrote all your thoughts too. I highly recommend you to take a look if you still don't have an agenda for this year.

Of course, as I always say, there's never enough washi in my life! So these three slim grey washi would be great to arrange some photos on my notebook and the beautiful brown... I am sure I will find an original arrangement to make it more cute than it is.

I saw these cute Kitta stickers in Japan and I regret that I didn't bought them, so I was so happy when I found them on my box!

Being addicted to write letters as I am, I can't wait to start using these beautiful transparent papers to tell my holidays to my penpals! ;)

I have to say it's been a while since I used a pencil or a rubber (yes, one is a pencil and the other a very fashion rubber!) but after all the books I bought in Japan to learn how to draw, I think these couple will be very useful, don't you think?

This had been a very impressive box and I can not wait to share you the December box in a few days, be prepared!

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