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The Heights by Juliet Bell
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Harper Collins
Rating: 3'5/5

The Heights is a story about love, passion and crimes during the mining strikes in 1980's in Yorkshire.
This is the story about two families; the Earnshaw and the Linton's, how their life became linked in their fate forever, in life and death... and how a detective, DC Lockwood, tried to discover the truth about some mystery murders that appeared around these families...

"After everything he'd seen in this job, that was the place his brain took him whenever he let his guard drop. To this day he still woke, sweating at night, hearing the sound of the nail gun beside his ear, and the screech of metal as the nail tore through the body of the van. He could still feel the sharp stab of pain in his flesh."

I liked this book because is a first sight view of how the families lived the strikes; the fear, the poverty, the loneliness... and how the children had to survive the moods of their parents... not an easy read, but reading history always makes you think how life can or could change when the time passes.
I am still deciding if I liked the main characters, because Cathy could seem a selfish woman for just wanting a better life... but living in poverty and with an abusive brother I don't think it has to be easy... and on the other side, Heathcliff just wanted some love in his life. But, when he looses his more precious person in his life, becomes very dangerous and unstable making everyone around him afraid and at risk... Their "love" story makes everyone around them miserable and hopeless.
And I can not say anything good or bad about Lockwood, he just seem the narrator of this tragic story, talking to all the people that could had change the fate of Cathy and Heathcliff, but decided not to take part.
Slow paced but real, we enter to the modern Brönte adaptation of Wuthering Heights. I never read the book, but after reading The Heights I am sure I will search for it, trying to see the similitudes.
What would you do for jealousy?

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