Savi Style, The Hair Tie Bracelet

Today I want to share with you a product that has changed my life. I am one of those women that always has a pony tail or a bun, having my hair straight is noisy and take too much time for my taste. So when I found the Savi Sleek, a bracelet that can hold the hair tie without making any marks and being like a bracelet, I thought I should have one, simply to try. I was one of their backers in the Kickstarter campaign and this Christmas I received the product, two bracelets; one black and one violet, so I just had to try and decide if they are really worth the money!

Let me say that my experience has been great, I bought the black one to wear everyday and the violet for summer, but it seems that my favourite one now is the violet and the black is the replacement in case I loose the other!

I bought the small size, you can find on their site the size of the bracelets to know exactly which size fits better, but of course the problem of buying online is that you never know... this time the size fits perfectly, not tight and difficult to leave out through my wrist.
The other thing I wasn't quite sure was if the bracelet with the hair tie on it would be too tight, because you know that all the new rubbers leave mark, so I didn't know for sure if the Savi Sleek would be annoying. I slept with it for the last two weeks, and no problem at all!
There was another thing bothering me, would all the rubbers bands fit? Because the bracelet came with one, but what about the others? I can say that I only tried to other brands, but they fit in perfectly.
Yes, sometimes the rubber band fell of the bracelet, but I think just two times within these two weeks, so I am quite happy.

If you are looking for something stylish and useful to wear your loved hair tie, don't doubt to take a look at the Savi Style colours, there are a lot to choose and the price is good, you don't need anything else! ;)

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