Mustard Stationery

Let me say that this has been the more unexpected and amazing Christmas present I have received this year. I have always loved Mustard products, their originality, freshness and usefulness makes that every time I look at one of their products I can't resist to fall in love instantly.

So, receiving a box full of their products has been my dream come true, really, full of stationery products and original things that I already started using the same moment I opened the box. You could think that my words are simply to promote their products, but let me show you the products I've received and I am sure you will want a few of them right now, they are quality products, useful and original, so what else do you ask when you are searching for something? 
I am still deciding which one is my favourite, because some of them have been on my shopping list for a while!
I was looking for a infused water bottle for a while, but none of the ones I saw convinced me, the Froot Infusing Bottle is funny, not very heavy and has a big strainer in the middle to put a lot of fruit and make your water taste deliciously.

The T-Rex Lunch Box is so cute I can not stand to open and close it with a lot of care, I've always been a dinosaur fan, and I love that it has a big size to allow me to put all my lunch inside, no small size, yuppy!

Being a blogger means having post-it everywhere, so this cute Rainbow Sticky Notes will make my computer more colorful than ever! ;) But they will have some rivalry with the big Marble Sticky Notes, because they are so pretty...

I can not say that I will not use the Marble Notebooks, because they are pocket size, blank and great to have inside any book to start doing the review or simply to wrote any thoughts.

This Marble Memo Block is big and with a very pretty design to write your notes in a fashion way, simply perfect!

And I think maybe this is my favourite product, the Lucky Cat Mini Pencil Case that can be attached to any notebook or book, and perfect not to loose it on the go! And my favourite thing is the little cat on the zipper, so cute, and perfect to give me luck this year.

You can not say to me that there isn't a product you want to try or buy because I will not believe you! And if you take a look at their homepage, specially the Rainbows and Unicorns collection you will fall in love instantly!

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