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Perfect Match by Zoe May
Genre: Chic Lit, Romance
Source: Harper Collins
Rating: 4/5

When is the moment to say enough, I can not take any more dates?
Kad had 71 ineffective dates, and she is ready to stop dating and continue single for life when her best friend asks for one last chance on a new dating page... So Kate decides that if it's the last one, maybe make it explosive, why not ask for the perfect prince?

"'But saying you want to meet the perfect man makes you sound really high-maintenance.' She pointedly raises an eyebrow, her fingers poised over the keyboard.
I shrug. 'You asked what I want my headline to be.'
'Fine! Well let's hope there's a guy out there who's put, 'Would like to meet high-maintenance woman.' Kate types it in.
'Do you know what?' I declare, gesticulating with my wine glass. 'Maybe it's about time I start being a bit more high-maintenance. Raise the bar. No more loserish guys. Let's go back to the age range.'"

Since the first moment we know that Daniel has something more, something to hide... Is he abusive? Not abusive, but always wants to win. Is he Egocentric? A little... Snob? Oh yes! But Kate doesn't see any faults in the perfect Daniel, he is simply her prince charming!
This is not just a comedy to entertain us while we are reading, it's a self-esteem book that we always should remember, love is important, but before we can love someone else, we have to respect ourselves. Of course everyone has faults, perfection doesn't exist, and let me say that I wouldn't like to stay with anyone that thinks that is perfect, how horrible! But at the same time I can understand the need of Kate to find someone perfect for her, but it's more the need to find the perfect prince than finding someone perfect for her, and that's when everything goes wrong, because perfect only exists on paper. And sadly, Daniel really thinks he is perfect...
This had been a quick read, but at the same time a critique to the date sites and the pressure of our society to find a partner. We should remember that sometimes two is multitude, and if we don't love ourselves no one will.
When is the moment to say enough?

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