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Her Last Lie By Amanda Brittany
Genre: Mystery
Source: Harper Collins
Rating: 4/5

Isla has a tragic past that has marked her last 6 years; when she is starting to feel free again her worst nightmares start again. Is she imagining things or someone is following her?

"Would it be OK to talk to Trevor about the appeal? Tell him about Darleen Jeffery? Ask him what kind of woman fights their brother's innocence, when it's so obvious he's a monster? There was a huge part of Isla that desperately needed to talk. Say the words she couldn't say to Jack or her family for fear they would think she was taking a step back. Vocalise the fears that hovered under the surface."

This is the story of Isla, and how page by page we start understanding her fears and her worst nightmares, specially Carl Jeffery’s; he is trying to appeal, meaning that he could go free... We don’t know their past together just that she is scared to death...
Isla seems a very brave woman but with a dark past, let me say she is recovering quite well, but when she starts seeing shadows and receiving weird messages her fear to the world starts again... will she confront her fears or try an extreme solution? We know since the first page that something is weird with her ex-boyfriend, but her boyfriend acts weird too and the possibility that Carl is free again doesn't help... we just have to add discovering an old lie which will make us, the readers, completely lost on who is really the "shadow" till the end, making the readers to being in tension almost all of the book.
The story is interesting and well written but I don't recommend you to read it at night, you will have nightmares and fear to darkness for a long time... can you listen the taps on the window?
This book touches again if it's really safe to share all of our live on the social media and if we should accept every friend request... I normally don't share personal photos on my personal media and my profile is closed, so I try to be careful. But after reading "Her Last Lie" I will try to be even more careful, really there are a lot of crazy people in this world!
What do you share on your social media?

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