Fatal Fall by Teresa A. LaRue - Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Fatal Fall by Teresa LaRue
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

All families have their own secrets, so when Lori returns home to investigate what has really happened to her sister, she knows that maybe she will be putting her life in danger but she needs to know the truth, even if there's a possibility that she will be the next victim.

"Now there wold be no more invitations to visit because of her older sister, Kay, was dead. An accident, her brother-in-law, Trevor Grant, had said when he'd called with the news. But Lori knew better. Someone had pushed Kay down those stairs. And she was here, not only to bury her sister, but to find out who'd killed her and the unborn child she was carrying."

This had been a quick but interesting read, you could feel since the first page that something dark is behind the accidental death of Kay and as we start reading we discover that everyone living in the house has a motive to kill her. The only ally Lori will have to discover the truth will be her ex-fiancée Marc, who is now married to her sister-in-law... but is he really trustworthy or has a secret agenda too?
Reading Fatal Fall had been an entertaining and mysterious read at the same time, Lori is a brave woman that is not afraid to ask questions or to confront any possible killer, this has made the book intriguing and making the reader questioning and conjuring all the possible scenarios and trying to discover the truth.
Do you believe in fatal accidents?

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