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Deep Blue Trouble by Steph Broadribb
Genre: Action, Thriller
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4'5/5

Lori Anderson is a bounty hunter, a hard job for a woman, but she is intelligent, bold and has principles and she is good, really good.
This time, it seems that she will have an easy job, catching a fugitive prisoner in exchange to take her friend out of prison (who was wrongly convicted). Making a pact with an FBI agent seems like a good deal... but maybe she made a pact with the devil...

"I went back through the security checks and the airlock doors in a daze. I was taking the deal, whatever JT said. It was the right thing to do, the necessary action to take. And sure, I knew I should have told him about Dakota's illness, but he frustrated the hell out of me. I didn't have time for his strong-and-silent bullshit; I needed him alive, for our daughter's sake, and I was going to make damn sure that happened. Everything else, I would just have to leave to fate."

This is another addictive story from our favourite bounty hunter; Lori Anderson. She is a strong character, but her life has never been easy, now she has a lovely daughter and she is ready to do anything in her hands to keep her safe and alive. She knows she risks her life on every assignment, but she knows too that being a mother is not easy and has to do whatever she can to be there for her daughter.
Steph Broadribb not only writes some very addictive novels (I was so addicted to Lori's case that I didn't sleep till I finished the story!), but her characters are well written, interesting and human. Yes this is a non-stop novel, but let me say that you will love it from the first till the last page! 
I liked how in this job Lori seems more realistic and understands that she needs help, maybe not her first choice, but if she wants to continue alive she will have to trust someone else. This will make her vulnerable, but having friends is not something easy...
I can not forget to talk about JT, the other main character of this story, he is in prison for something he hasn't done, but he prefers to be there than knowing that Lori and his daughter are in danger, sadly the bad men have other intentions and he will have to take a decision, for bad or worse... And let me say I can not wait to know how these two will continue in their next adventure, because it promises a lot of high voltage!
This is the continuation of Deep Down Dead, so I highly recommend you to read it before you start this one.
What would you do to keep your daughter safe?

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