Barcelona Little Planets by Bruno Alencastro

Let me say that I was not really sure if I should share with you these creations or not. The idea is really original and that made me decide to share them with you, the problem is that the artist didn't make a very intensive study of what he was really photographing... I know Barcelona, I've been living there, and reading that the artist called "Palacio" to one of our famous museums, MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) was a little bit offensive, to say the least. And I know that not all the languages use dieresis in their nouns, but if you make a photo of somewhere which has the name on it, it would be nice to use the correct name: Montjuïc. I will not to say anything about the flag shared in all the Barcelona photos, I would be entering in a discussion I don't have energy now to start!
Apart from that, take a look at the Bruno Alencastro little worlds of Barcelona (Catalonia), don't forget it.

The source is My Modern Met.

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