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Appetite by Anita Cassidy
Genre: Fiction
Source: Red Door Publishing
Rating: 4/5

When we read the word "Appetite" we relate it to a desire; to food, passion, change... but do we really control the impulses to this need or the need controls us?
This is the story of David, Naomi and Matthew and how their appetite control their lives, but the question we should ask is do they want their desires controlled or they like being moved by their impulses?

"Then, as he turned and walked away, he thought, You might hate me but, believe me, I will always hate myself more."

This book has been an entertaining but at the same time opening eyes read, because we really don't think we pay enough attentions to our desires or why we have them. Are our passions healthy or they make us worse persons? And the most important think, is it worth to let our deep desires flow without any control? All our characters are being controlled by their passions for good or bad, but after reading their stories we will understand that it's not easy to face off our faults or even try to control our desires, and of course they will always have the possibility to fall again...
I am sure if you read this book you will feel identified with some of the characters, because they have their faults, yes, but at the same time, their dreams are real and human...
David, a fat school boy, really fat, that all his life turns around the feel and moods when he eats. And we have to ask, how can food dictate a person's life?
Naomi is tired of his life, she feels her husband is boring and doesn't pay enough attention to her son James... Her addiction will show us that no matter how perfect we think a life can be, there's always more behind our eyesight.
Matthew senses his life has to improve after a trip to Brazil, but were to start? How can he change his life? He is my favourite character, not just how he changes his life but how he understands that being a teacher means more than teaching the lessons but also to help their students when they need it.
This had been a great read, I highly recommend it and the characters story will be with me for a long time.
Do you have any appetite?

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