Anatomy Of A Scandal By Sarah Vaughan - Book Review

Anatomy Of A Scandal By Sarah Vaughan
Genre: Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3'5/5

This is the story of Kate, Sophie and James... and how their lives collide in a rape trial that will leave all of them marked for life. Ready for a Scandal?

"The truth is a tricky issue. Rightly or wrongly, adversarial advocacy is not really an inquiry into the truth', Justin Carew, QC, told us callow twenty-somethings, fresh from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Bristol. Advocacy is about being more persuasive than your opponent, he continued. You can win even if the evidence is stacked against you provided that you argue better. And it's all about winning, of course."

I will make some spoilers with my review, so be advised!
This has been a disturbing read, reading about a rape trial is not easy and the thought of the rapist going free simply for lying is shameful. 
Let me explain, the book is very well written, slow paced and with a few surprising twists. Told between the past and the presents of our main characters to put us on scene and that make us understand their story and their thoughts. What I didn't like is how in a moment where the women are trying to stop violence against women and sexual assaults, this book, with simply a lie in the court, the rapist could go free, without any doubt from the jury. Sorry, no rapist should go free, neither in fiction or in reality, a woman that has been assaulted had to suffer the rape and the sadness to repeat the experience in voice a lot of times, so no excuse, no rapist should go free!
What makes me more angry is that the "alleged" rapist, James, is in the politician career, has money and a lot of contacts, and of course he is handsome and perfect to charm everyone. So he knows that no matter what the woman says, he will go free.
Sophie, James wife, is more sad that his husband was cheating on her that the possible rape, and is ready to forgive him for the health of their children! Really? Would you like your kids to grow up with a rapist and a cheater? Sorry, not me.
And the last one, Kate, the glue of the story, the devil's lawyer, a cold woman that just lives to solve cases, is ready to put James in prison... but will she win?
Take a breath and start reading Anatomy Of A Scandal, the controversy is served.

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