A Small World Around Stamps

If you are following me on Instagram (mpr2000) I am sure you have seen all the letters I am writing lately. It started when I moved here (in Ireland). I was pregnant and didn't have anyone so I decided to start searching for people around the world to talk and chat with my big tummy without having to walk through the wind and rain we have here! So now, you could say I am more addicted than ever to stationery, because let's be true, I always been quite addicted to it... ;)
So today, for the ones that love writing letters and making friends around the world, I want to show you these beautiful stamps called A Small World Around Stamps, they are great to decorate the "pay" stamps you buy and at the same time they are original and funny, take a look at my favourites...

I still haven't bought any, still deciding if I buy all of them or just a couple... what do you think I should do?

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