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The Forgotten Room by Ann Troup
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Harper Collins
Rating: 4/5

Maura Lyle needs to disconnect from her life and decides to accept a home nursing job without asking questions, something that she will regret deeply as she starts seeing some weird things on the rich but troubled house she will have to work. 
This has been a quite disturbing and twisted read, a lot of characters and some very perverse minds will keep you glued to the story from the first to the last page.
Maura hasn't had an easy life and she just needs to recharge energy to be herself again, sadly the "new" job is not as easy as it seems when the patient spends all day sleeping and dead bodies start to appear near the house, she will have to decide if she continues on her job or run as quickly as she can!
The story is told between the killer, Maura and the lead detective. We will read the thoughts of the killer that has no regrets to kill, just wants to be seen and stop being ignored, and after reading all the life "it" had we could feel a little pity, but never understand why all the killings!
Maura and the lead detective had a past, not a very nice one... maybe it's time for them to smooth things before it's too late... because you never know who will be the next target of the killer.
I like how Ann Troup creates a hunting and dark atmosphere with a house in the middle where some bad things happened inside, and with some twisted and original plot that will surprise every reader!
Do you need a home nurse?

Sounds good? After the prologue you will want to read it right now! ;)

A clutch of people had gathered to see the breaking of the earth, their breath mingling in the cool morning air where it lingered and collected as a cloud of light mist. They watched as giant metal teeth bit into the ground, tearing it asunder in the name of progress. Some clapped, others thrust their hands deep into their pockets and huffed out stale air in small wet puffs as that thing called progress made its mark on dead land.
A single watcher stood firm and still, refusing to show reaction and wondering how long it would be before old, long-extinguished life would be revealed. Her bones had been planted long ago. Her flesh had nourished the earth and made gluttons of the worms while maggots had grown fat on the meat and the memory of her. The watcher wondered if any human remembered her now. If they didn’t, they would soon. The metal teeth were chewing the earth a mere fifty feet from where she lay; it was just a matter of time. When she saw the light of day again she would be greeted with an urgency she had never known in life. They would want to know all about her then. The watcher was sure of it.
A glance towards the proud developer, who oozed abundance in his expensive coat, who rubbed his hands in anticipation at what he believed would come. Wealth, recognition, kudos. The watcher smiled with a wry twist of the mouth. The man might as well build his houses out of glass and pray that no one would cast the first stone. It was all as fragile as that. They were standing on a teetering precipice between past and present, on earth as crumbling and friable as that which fell in crumbs and clods from the bucket of the JCB.
The watcher turned away and began to walk. All things must come to an end and the peace of Essen Grange would come to an end too. The watcher could feel it and hear it in the grind of the machinery.
Everything that was familiar and safe was breathing its last in the screech of metal and gears.
The watcher was as broken as the ground that was succumbing to change. Everything had to alter eventually and the bones would mark the beginning.

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