Seashells, Spells And Caramels by Erin Johnson - Blog Tour + Giveaway

Seashells, Spells And Caramels by Erin Johnson
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Fantasy
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Imogen Banks feels that she is almost touching her dream to open a bakery when a fire leaves her house in ashes. So when magically a ticket to enter in a contest in France appears in her door, she doesn't doubt to pay the ticket and try luck! She doesn't know that her world will change forever...

'Iggy shook, his flame trembling and burning redder and redder. I thought he might explode, and I half welcomed it, when suddenly he dimmed and his mouth wavered."

This is a story of magic, friendship and murder, entangled with some very interesting characters and some weird enchantments that made me glued to this book till the last page!
The murder case is not the main part of the book, because with the baking contest and all the problems Imogen has each day, let me say that the victim is not very important.
This has been just the first contact (I hope) with some very interesting characters that we will see grow in the next adventures of Imogen in the Magic Kingdoms.
I liked the idea that a human has powers without her knowledge (she is 29 years old) and how she tries to understand this new world without killing anyone in the process, because let me say that she loves fire...! That's why I loved so much Iggy, the flame, that in the beginning is just angry, but when we start to meet him he just wants justice and someone that would take care of him.
I hope in the next books, the author will share with us the delicious recipes Imogen creates, because, they seem yummy!
Do you believe in magic?

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