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Of Spice And Men by Sarah Fox
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

When a movie starts filming at Wildwood Cave, Marley, the owner of The Flip Side's never suspected all the trouble she will have... a murder, a haunted house and some robberies! Ready, set, action!

'Max caught on to my train of thought. "Ella Cardozo. She was injured in a car accident. Are you thinking maybe it wasn't an accident after all?"
"It's possible, isn't it? Maybe someone's been trying to derail the production for a while."
"Why?" Ivan didn't sound convinced.
"Revenge?" I suggested. "Maybe the director has an enemy?" I looked to Max, hoping he'd know more about that than I did.'

Marley loves to attend her business, spend time with her cat and her boyfriend Brett, but when a mysterious ex-girlfriend from Brett appears and is being accused of murder, some jealousy will start to grow inside Marley and the only way to keep her far away from Brett is to discover the truth, but who has really motives to kill the victim?
While we are reading this book we feel like an extra neighbour in Wildwood Cave, but there are so many things happening at the same time that maybe the killer will start hunting for us too!
It's always nice when a book has more than just one plot, in this case, the killing is important, but let me say that the mysterious lights in the abandoned house seems a very interesting mystery, who doesn't like ghosts? And of course Marley and Brett relation had a big part on the story, will they resolve their problems or will they stop seeing each other? Because seeing you boyfriend hugging a mysterious woman is never something nice to see...
This has been an easy read, it wasn't difficult to solve the mystery, but I liked the motives and the story behind the killing, it was original and intriguing.
This is the 3rd book of the series "A Pancake House Mystery" but you can read it as standalone.
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