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Meet Me Under The Mistletoe by Carla Burguess
Genre: Romance
Source: Harper Collins

Reading something Christmassy and romantic in this time of the year is always heartwarming, it's the magic of Christmas that always puts a smile on your face or reading a funny and sweet story about a florist and a detective? 
I have to say it is the first book I've read of Carla Burguess, but I loved the characters and the plot, because it's mysterious and tender at the same time, and if you mix it with Christmas you have the perfect cozy book to read on a comfy sofa with a delicious hot chocolate this Christmas.
At the end of the story I felt that I would have loved to know more about Rachel and Anthony, I hope we will know more about them in a next book (please?).
This is a book to enjoy, read and re-read, because everyone deserves a good ending, even when you don't think it would be possible!
Ready for a love story?

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