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Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
Genre: Fiction
Source: Little Brown
Rating: 4'5/5

Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl are searching for a place to call home, the Richardsons are an old rich family that will rent their house... they could become friends, but when an adoption case irrupts on their lives, all the truth would become too much to hide... how long it will be till the sparks between these two families become fire?

"No one thought about the recent departure of Mia and Pearl from the house on Winslow Road. Mrs Richardson, watching the fire chief meticulously taking notes on his clipboard, had completely forgotten about her former tenants. She had not yet mentioned it to her husband or her children; Moody had discovered their absence only earlier that morning, and was still unsure what to make of it."

After reading this book, the first think I must say is that I love the title, because Little Fires Everywhere is not just how the book starts but how both families (the Warrens and the Richardsons) live, the only difference is how they react to the little fires in their life, while Mia ease them, Elena brings more oxygen making the fire bigger and maybe eternal?
This is a heartbreaking story, bittersweet, but so real that it will make you drop a few tears. This is a story about motherhood, the love of a mother for their children and what they would do to protect them, because being a mother is the most difficult job in the world but at the same time the most beautiful thing you can experience. What would you do to protect your child?
Mia and Elena had a very different background, their education to their own children is completely different, but both try to do what's best for them, maybe they will hurt them, but not intentionally, that's for sure. I could understand both sides, my thoughts and actions would always be more near Mia than Elena, but at the same time I can understand that she just tries to protect their children, no matter what.
I will not position myself with the adoption case, because I think that if you love your child, you become the mother/father of them, and that's the most important thing you can give to a baby, love. It's not important if your had them in your tummy or adopt them, the love you give is exactly the same, because they became your children, you love them no matter what.
This has been an amazing read, compelling and moving, it made me think about how I have to educate, love, respect my little one, and I have to admit that it's always interesting a book that makes you think and lay out questions about your life. So I just can say, read it, think about what you read and what you could change to make your life for you and your family better.
Do you ease or put oxygen to the little fires of your life?

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