Catalonia Independent and Free!

Sorry, but I will have to talk again about Catalonia, because sadly I never thought that someone would threaten me for my blog, really, was I annoying or insulting anyone's ideas? I don't think so. 
I would like to think we live in a Democracy, sadly today Spain showed us that this was something I simply dreamed, Spain is not a Democracy, the laws are corrupt, the Spanish Government has all the television and newspapers corrupted. I am sure not many people know that there's a mystery case, G├╝rtel, in which everyone that tries to involve the Government President, Mariano Rajoy, dies mysteriously. But, none of them are incarcerated, while almost all of the Catalan Government is now in prison, they were voted by Catalans, they won, and now, because they followed what us, the citizenship, wanted they are in prison. Is it right? I don't think so, but while our world is falling a part, none of the Members of the European Parliament have said anything, none of them want to talk, and I can understand it. UK has Scotland and North Ireland, and now with the Brexit needs all support, France that was the first one the remove all of the small regions a long time ago with just one and united, Belgium that doesn't want the Flemish Community to follow Catalonia's lead... I can understand that talking about a little country that wants Independence is not easy, but the moment has arrived, Spain can not put anyone else that is against their ideas in prison, because then they will put the majority of Catalan people in prison, we just want our freedom and some respect!
I am sure that it's not the same reading the news that living there, because the news of all the people that has been removed from their jobs for the last few days, people from the Spanish Television has talked about the repression they are having trying to explain the truth about what's happening, some humour journalist have been sacked from their jobs because they didn't want the truth shared on their magazines. Do you think this is Democracy? Because for me this is a Dictatorship.
Here are some of the last drawings from Eneko las Heras, that has been removed from his job after these drawings...

Visca Catalunya, Lliure!

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