Black Arts, Tarts & Gypsy Cats by Erin Johnson - Blog Tour + Giveaway

Black Arts, Tarts & Gypsy Cats by Erin Johnson 
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Imogen has started working at the royal bakery with her friend Maple and her fire Iggy, but it will not take long before they will be involved again in a threatening mystery. Of course, one of her friends will be the first suspect and Imogen will have to run to discover the truth before it's too late.

'"We keep the murderers in the murderers' wing," my guard grunted.
I nodded, trying to hide my dislike of the place. "Right. Makes sense. Got to stay organized. Wouldn't want to put them in the cat stranglers' ward or the baby punters' dungeon."
The jailor glared at me with his one good eye. Tough crowd.'

This book has brought our loved characters from the first book series to an interesting new adventure; Maple, Sam, Iggy, Hank... and with more humour, magic and delightful pastries we will be transported to a world where everything is possible, even murder.
I have to say I enjoyed more this book than the previous one, the book is more centred in the investigation (that it's a quite original case) and we already know the characters, so the relation between them grows and gets more complex, of course. Let me say that spending a day with Imogen will never be boring, but be prepared to see murder always!
I am still not sure what the Badlands Army wants or what they really do, apart from killing and abducting people, of course. And I can't wait to know what they really moves them.
Of course we can not forget Hank, the engaged future king that makes Imogen feel butterflies every time she sees him... will they start a fire with the sparks between them?
Be prepared to talk to ghosts, zombies and mouthwatering cakes, ready?

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