Top Halloween Accessories 2017

I am not a big fan of Halloween, but I couldn't resist to share with you these original accessories, take a look...

First of all this Bat Infinity Scarf (7,71€) from Aliexpress, it's lightweight and it's so cute that I am sure you will wear it all year around! ;)

This Bat Ankle Socks (2£) from Asos are perfect for the Halloween lovers that are scared to show their passion in public, just a hint...

Ok, I really, really need this Witch Potion Brew Cup (9'99£) from Killstar, so many times I listened that I was a witch... is the perfect moment to share the truth to the world! 

If you like to be ready for any monster, the Wristlet Bloody Cleaver Clutch (33'95$) from Ebay will scare anyone that will try to harm you.

Of course, the Graveyard Set (15$) by Tattly will surprise everyone, no matter how you hide your tattoo.

This Halloween Hoodie (16'58$) by Dress Lily, will be your favourite outfit if you want to show to everyone how much you love Halloween, because, who doesn't?

And then, there's this cute necklace, the Charming Bat (200€) from Q-pot, that it's the most charming bat you'll see ever!

The last, but I am sure the best for the ones that don't want to go out on Halloween, is this MISSHA Nightglow Mask (3'63$) from De-pot.

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