The Stationery Selection - September 2017

It was late, the post service in Ireland since a few months ago has been very deceiving, all the letters and packets arrive at least 1 week late...! So this month I received my Stationery Selection box from last month, lucky me, the box is worth the waiting, take a look at all the beautiful products that were inside...

First of all, these cute stickers from Classiky that I was searching for the last months! They are so cute and make me think of endless possibilities to decorate the envelopes...

These travel stickers are cute and will be perfect for my travel album next month, I will share the photos with you, of course!

I was quite surprised with this case, it's flat but it can hold a lot of cute stationery, and of course it's perfect to storage all my favourite washi tape and trims to travel with me.

If there's not washi tape on a stationery box, you can not say it is a stationery box, of course! These are thin, with some diary prints and with some basic colours, you'll see them on my weekly collage, for sure.

I was quite curious with the Ro-biki notebooks, I've read some very good things about them, but haven't had the chance to play with one. Let me say that the cover is translucid and pretty and the paper is white and high quality, it was worth the waiting!

I am sure my penfriends will love these postcards, they come in 4 different styles, all with a forest design.

This plastic folder is original and will be perfect to keep my book notes organised!

And the last ones, two autumn colors gel pens, that will be on my case for a long time.

If you love stationery, The Stationery Selection box will not disappoint you, it has high quality products that you can not find easily, and the products are always carefully selected. I can not wait till I receive the next box! ;)

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