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The Ninja's Illusion by Gigi Pandian
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4'5/5

Jaya Jones has prepared an amazing trip to Japan, but when her best friend's life is in danger she will cancel all of her plans to save his life, even if she has to face ninjas or impossible tricks.
Ready for an amazing adventure?

"There are two conflicting reasons that explain why I've always loved history. First, history shows us so much about ourselves and our shared humanity across time and across cultures. Those connections that bridge time and space. Second, there's a inherent drama in history that's fundamentally unlike what we're living through. In the present moment, we're unable to step outside of ourselves and see the bigger picture - yet with its lessons from the past history can shed light on the present."

Preparing myself a trip to Kyoto next month, reading about all the beautiful museums and shrines Jaya was enjoying was a pleasure to say the least, and the story full of twists and mysteries was a great read.
I have to admit that this book took me by surprise, I didn't expect a book so interesting in which the main character, Jaya, is a brave and intelligent professor that searches for lost treasures while enchants the reader with drops of history, murder and some quite unbelievable illusions.
The characters are interesting and make a quite surprising group, all of them share some past but their friendship and kindness is more important than anything, even when they make some disappointed decisions or thoughts. And I was quite intrigued with the famous Lance, Jaya's ex-boyfriend, who has a big part on her thoughts but he will not be on the story.... 
This is the fifth book of the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mysteries, but you can read it as standalone, but I can assure you, you will love this book!
Do you believe in magic?

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