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Snare by Lilja Signerdardotter
Genre: Thriller
Source: OrendaBooks
Rating: 4'5/5

"It felt like decades since she and Adam had travelled abroad with Tómas as a small child, loaded down with luggage, and constantly concerned about finding somewhere with changing facilities or being the victim of some sharp-eyed pickpocket. Back then they had often been stressed by what now seemed trivial details; they'd had no idea how precious it was to have nothing serious to worry about. The petty things they had allowed to worry them now seemed so unimportant -ever since Sonja had been caught in the snare."

Snare means a trick or situation that deceives you or involves you in some problem you do not know about.
Snare means that Sonja risks her life and freedom every time she travels abroad, what would happen to her son if they search her luggage? Arla is not having a good moment either in her life, the police are investigating some big transactions she made, what is she hiding? We can not forget Bragi, the Customs officer in the airport, he always see a pretty woman travelling that catches his sight, it's because she is pretty or because she is hiding something?
In the beginning I was not quite sure of what to expect of this book, because I couldn't think I could understand the Sonja motives to smuggle drugs into a country, but Sonja didn't do it for money or pleasure, she has a motive, a very strong motive to risk her life every week, month... While you are reading you fill the tension inside you, because you feel that at any moment they will catch her, maybe not next time but soon, then what would happen?
This is a slow burning mystery, since the first page you know the end will not be good, will be explosive, it will not let you sleep till you arrive at the inevitable ending... be prepared.
What would you sacrifice for your loved ones?

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