Sanrio Crate - September 2017

Do you like Sanrio characters? I am sure you know Hello Kitty but there are more Sanrio characters, and all of them so cute!

The Sanrio Crate is a quarter box full of Sanrio products that will delight you with their cuteness. All of the products in this box are unique and exclusive of the Sanrio Crate, that makes the box more valuable and special. This time the box was full of food theme products. Take a look...
First of all this cute Hot Dog plushie, a nice addition to my collection, sadly my little one adopted it as his new pet...

This keychain is soft and delicious to hang in any bag, I am not sure what I like more, the fries or the cat! ;)

The burger apron is delicious and so original, I will have to cook more to wear it every day!

These coasters are perfect for a shared drink with friends (hot or cold), sadly my little one thinks they are puzzle pieces and use them to play while he eats...

I fell in love with this refrigerator bag, it's the perfect size to fill a tupperware and a drink bottle, nothing else.

This zipper is the only thing I haven't found a use yet, but I am sure sooner or later I will!

And my favourite product of this shipment, the bento box; cute, useful and something that I wanted to buy for a long time, I love it.

Did you liked my box? Which is your favourite product?

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