Before you take a look at this curious product, the Qoobo, you have to know that's a Japanese gadget, so you can expect to be at least different from the things you are used to.

Qoobo is a tailed cushion that heals your heart, not just that, the tail has "feelings" depending on how you touch the cushion. Original, isn't it?

This is a good present for the animal lovers that don't have space to have an animal at home or that are allergic to pets, the Qoobo’s users can interpret the response to their stroking however they like, making like they were interacting with live animals and providing them with a sense of comfort. Yukai Engineering wanted to use its expertise and experience in robotic engineering to help all people – including those with pet allergies and apartment dwellers who can’t own pets – enjoy the comfort that only animals can give them. 

What do you think? Will this be on your wish list this Christmas?

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