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In It For The Money by David Burnsworth
Genre: Action, Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Blu Carraway has a new case and most possibly there will be action, gunshots and a lot of lies. Ready for Blu?

'His partner answered, "I guess you got released."
"You find out anything on the two shooters?"
Crome said, "As a matter of fact I did."
Blu said, "Are we playing twenty questions or are you going to spill it?"
"I keep forgettin' you're the sensitive type. You got something to write an address down on?"'

Blu has a new case, a rich young artist has disappeared... or has he been kidnapped? There's no trace of him for a week, and very few clues to follow him. And of course everyone has something to hide or omit something quite important about the case... so, what's really behind Jeremy disappearance?
While we enter in a quite difficult case, we will meet Blu, his girlfriend and his ex partner (and future partner again) Crome. They all have their own character and will make this case more personal and interesting, seeing how Blu can balance a dangerous life with a new relation with her younghood love, it would not be easy, of course.
This is the first book of the Blu Carraway Mystery series, but after seeing Blu in action, I can assure you we will see more of his cases soon! ;)
Ready for a non-stop book?

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