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How Not To Be A Bride by Portia MacIntosh
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Source: Reading Romance
Rating: 4/5

Mia has her dreamed job and a charming boyfriend, but she still misses her oh-so-amazing life in LA. When her handsome boyfriend (Leo) asks her to marry him all of her fears return to her... is she ready to marry Leo?

"In fact, it would be fair to say that my relationship with my entire family isn't great. Moving back here was the best decision I've ever made, because I have Leo now, but I still feel like an outcast sometimes. Perhaps it's because I lived away from them for so many years, but as hard as I try to fit in, they still make me feel like a bit of an imposter sometimes. They don't treat me like a black sheep, they treat me like a wolf."

Mia loves her boyfriend, she left LA to stay with him... but everytime anyone asks her about the wedding she feels compelled to change subject. It's because she is not yet ready for it or because she really doesn't want to marry?

I could understand the fear of weddings, I never dreamed about it and when it was my moment I didn't know what I wanted or if it was something I really wanted. Weddings are not for everyone but sadly not everyone can understand it...!
While Mia tries to confront her fears and has a bit of remember of what it was being near famous people and have a lot of money, we will meet her not very nice family (I am still not sure which one of them is worst with Mia), her lovely (and handsome, very handsome) boyfriend and her new job, the famous star Dylan. Let me say that none of them helps Mia, on the contrary, they make her being more scared of marriage if its possible.
I didn't like very much Mia's character in the beginning, she is very superficial and not very interested in discovering what's really behind the appearances, but as the book progresses, her character seems to grow and being more touching with all the people near her.
This was a quick and funny read, perfect to make you smile on your worst day, and to make you remember that if you share your fears, they loose the power to you and you gain confidence!
Are you planning to get married?

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