Edge Of Darkness by Karen Rose

Edge Of Darkness by Karen Rose
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Action
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Everything starts with a bomb, lucky for our main characters it didn't explode. But to whom was addressed? And why?
I love Karen Rose books, but this is not a standalone book, I don't recommend you to read this one if you haven't read the previous ones. This is a closing book, were the big case that had started a long ago will see their culprits in prison, finally!
It's always bittersweet to read the ending of a series, it had been years since I read their stories, cases... but in the other side it's nice to know they have a sweet ending, and a happy future!
In this case the main characters Meredith and Adam will have to face a mysterious character that will try to kill them, and with all the killing and investigating the truth, they will have to face their weird non-existing feelings that they had been hiding for a long time. They will have to share their own darkest secrets and fears if they want to have a real relation between them and if they want to survive. Because Meredith doesn't know who is trying to kill her, she doesn't know the victim or the possible killer, so what are they missing?
I have to say that in the beginning I didn't like Adam at all, all day drinking and being an arse to his friends and family, but after reading his personal torment I could understand his actions, I just hope that in the future when his darkness will try to abduct him, he will have the stronghold to ask for help.
This had been a non-stop read, full of mystery, action, a couple of very interesting twists and love. I am sure it will not leave anyone indifferent.
I can't wait for the next adventure created by Karen Rose.
Do you know who to trust?

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