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Death In The Stars by Frances Brody
Genre: Historical Mystery
Source: Piatkus
Rating: 4/5

Kate Shackelton has a new mystery to solve, this time in the theatre world. As you may know there's always a lot of competitiveness in all the jobs, but is it worth a killing? Let Kate seduce you in this mystery...

"Something  bad might happen... Douglas Dougan... walked under a tram... Floyd Lloyd... delightful... a clever ventriloquist... accident on stage... crushed to death... something malign in the stars."

This is a delightful read, full of suspense and lovely characters that will keep you intrigued till the last page. Kate Shackelton is one of those characters that you fall in love since the first page, tenacious and brave whom could not resist to investigate a good case. 
Kate will be contracted by a famous actress that suspects that someone is killing her friends in the theatre world, but doesn't know how to confront it... but who could have any reason to kill her loved ones? And when the mysterious Selina's husband appears even the reader could feel a dark presence ready to kill the next prey. 
Let me say something, I know actors have a high pride of themselves, but this killer doesn't cease to anything to murder the victims. And we have so many suspects that you start making your own conclusions to discover the killer and the motives. Will Kate solve this mystery before it's too late?
This is the ninth book to the series "A Kate Shackleton Mystery" but you can read it as standalone.
Do you believe that the fate is in the stars?

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