Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings

Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings
Genre: Thriller
Source: John Murray
Rating: 4/5

"'It's called Villanelle.' said the assistant.
'It was the favourite scent of the Comtesse du Barry. The perfume house added the red ribbon after she was guillotined in 1793.'
'I shall be careful, then,' said Oxana.
Two days later, Konstantin came to collect her from the hotel.
'My cover name,' she said. I've chosen it.'"

Villanelle is not just a codename, is the essence of Oxana, a deathly killer with no remorse or feelings.
Villanelle is part of a mysterious group that rules the world in the dark and uses Villanelle as their perfect weapon, she kills without questions asked and no one knows her... until Eve Polastri, a MI5 agent, that starts to investigate the mysterious killer.
This book is just the first scene between these two women, they are playing cat-and-mouse game, and let me say that I can not wait to read how it will be their next face off, seems promising. They are completely opposites, but at the same time their work is the most important thing in their lives... so maybe they are not so different...
Villanelle is a curious character, she doesn't have feelings or empathy, uses her body as a seduction weapon for pleasure or for business, it doesn't really matter, nothing affects her, just the rush of adrenaline when she has a mission to kill. I am quite curious if she will start making some questions in the next book... just wondering!
This had been a quick read and to say the truth I read it in one stand. I was captivated by these two powerful and brave women's life and work. Be prepared for a non stop action book where a minimal error will cost your life.
Ready for Villanelle?

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