Catalonia Independence

I know that for the last weeks I posted less regularly than normal. I am not ill, simply stressed, nervous and preoccupied. Yesterday my country declared the Independence, and let me say that this had been something I've been waiting for a long time ago. But at the same time, Spain has activated article 155, to cease the Catalonian governments, law and any type of free speech we had. It will be weeks, months of fear, repression and (I hope not) violence. 
I know all of you have your own problems, but I hope for a few moments that you will try to understand our little country, we just want to be free of Spain; their retrograde laws, corrupt politicians and violent actions against Catalans. Because, I am sure you have seen the news, how we tried to vote for our Independence and the Spanish government put police from around Spain to stop the voting, no matter what, there were more than thousand people injured. People from around the world saw the images, but the Spain government still says it's not true. We have two people in prison because they asked the society to express themselves in a protest. And I am afraid that soon we will see our President in prison, sadly not the first one, because, every time Catalonia tries to be free from Spain, they kill or put in prison our Presidents. Maybe it's time to allow us to be free, don't you think?
I would like to know what we have to do for Europe to start looking at us, instead of just accepting what Spain says, because from today on, our "government" will be managed for someone that has never been voted, a political party that has the lowest votes in Catalonia. Do you think it is fair? 
I just hope that in the next days, weeks, months... country by country, start listening to us, our ideas, feelings and dreams... and stop the Spanish repression and allow Catalonia to be an independent republic.
Visca Catalunya, Lliure! 

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