NovelTea Tins: Down the Rabbit Hole

Do you remember the Noveltea Tins?

The Noveltea Tins are making a new Kickstarter campaign, and this time the tea seems more amazing than ever!
With the Anise in Wonderland, Pu’er Rabbit and Pekoe Pan, just the names make you dream of the delicious flavours that could have. The tin designs are as beautiful as ever, and this time they will come with a bookmark too. So take a look at the flavours and order your delicious Noveltea.

The Anise in Wonderland with tea made from the anise plant, an herb with a robust floral flavor. Somewhat reminiscent of the flavor of licorice or fennel, anise tea has a sense of otherworldliness to it, at the same time familiar and mysterious.

The Pu’er Rabbit will be made with a unique form of tea made for thousands of years in the Yunnan region of China and unlike most other tea, is allowed to ferment and age, sometimes for years, until it is pressed into a compact “brick” form. This process infuses Pu’er with complex earthy flavors and a gentle bitterness, with a wide variety in flavor based on how long it is allowed to ferment.

The Pekoe Pan will consist of a whole black tea leaves left relatively intact and undamaged during the picking process, unlike many other grades which are broken up or ground to make tea bags.

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