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Miss Seeton Quilts The Village by Hamilton Crane
Genre: Historical, Cozy Mystery
Source: Farrago Books
Rating: 3'5/5

Can a simple and beautiful quilt solve a "suicide" and some mysterious presence in the small village where Miss Seeton lives?

"Foxon looked pained.
'I hate you, Foxon. You think I'm being unfair to the old girl, don't you?'
'I thought you liked her, sir. That umbrella you gave her for Christmas...'
'I know, laddie, I know. It's just that things do tend to happen when she's around, whether she means them to or not-'"

Miss Seeton is not a simple lady, she loves to draw, and with her "famous" sketches helps the police to solve some really difficult cases!
This book has a little of everything; humour, gossip and a very complicated mystery with haunted houses, disappeared gold and Nazis secrets. Miss Seeton will try to help the police with their secret investigation, but her sketches are weirder than normal, because devil doesn't exist, does it?
It was a little difficult in the beginning entering to the story, the dialogues are written with formal english and with a lot of old expressions that were quite complicated to centre you to the interesting part of the plot. But then the characters start flowing, with a lot of gossip and funny situations, and the sweet Miss Seaton started with her magic trying to solve the mysterious case, then it got all my attention!
There are some details that make this book original; the famous umbrella collection from Miss Seeton, that I am sure it has saved someone lives in the past books, and all the characters and their connections, there are always a lot of secrets in a small village that makes it quite interesting.
This is the 22nd book of the Miss Seeton series, but you can read it as standalone.
Ready to sew a precious quilt?

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