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House Of Spines by Michael J. Malone
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5

When Ranald discovers that he has inherited a big and beautiful house with a library inside from his unknown aunt, he is ready to move in and stop worrying about his problems. Sadly the house has something dark hidden behind the walls and his "new" family is ready to kill before the truth goes out. For Ranald his dream maybe will become his worst nightmare...

"Even though his father's eyes were hidden under the shadow of his forehead, the boy could read his look. He's seen if so many times. His father's greatest fear was lurking there. Would the boy become as mad as the mother?"

This is a frightening story where as the story progresses the reader starts doubting of their own sanity, because ghosts don't exist, do they?
This book was a reading pleasure, it starts with a quite original petition, an unknown uncle asks Ranald to move to his house when he passes away, nothing strange for now, but when you start meeting the cousins, the house service, the lawyer... something is not right, everyone seems to have a secret agenda and they know more about Ranald's mother than him, will someone tell him the truth about her dead? And we can not forget that Ranald is bipolar, and stop taking the pills is not the best way to treat any illness... so you can imagine that everything will start messing up till a quite surprising ending. Because seeing ghosts is surely one of the signs that Ranald is having an episode, don't you think?
With some original twists and a very intricate family history; Michael J. Malone has created a hunting psychological thriller with so many interesting characters that you will ask for more!
Do you know the real truth about your family past?

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