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Chickadee Chickadee Bang Bang by J.R. Ripley
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5


A mystery with birds and cars involved, weird, isn't it?
Amy Simms not only love birds but also being involved in mystery cases. Imagine that the police had to hire another police officer since she returned home... so is she attracting killers or simply bad luck? Just in case, be careful and try to not stay in the same place as her, you could be the next victim!

"The sign on the door was written in red: FORTUNES TOUTED, MISFORTUNES ROUTED. A phone number was displayed in small back numerals below.
Those were strong claims.
Little did I know then how my fortunes and those of my friends were going to change."

I was surprised how this small community that seemed quite friendly and united with their festivities seem to change their mood and become something more sinister and dangerous!
Learning about birds is always something interesting, there are so many and they make the city a bit more natural. However, learning about old cars was something funny and quite surprising after knowing how much some people pay for them and maybe this could be a murder motive...
Amy's bird business seems to work quite well, she has a handsome boyfriend and a nosy mother, but when she decides to help her friend Paul before being arrested for murder, she puts her life in danger risking everything she has... she is brave and bold, and I am quite surprised that she is still alive, confronting suspects without knowing who is the real killer but knowing that it has already killed twice I think it's playing with fire.
This is one of those cases where you don't like any of the suspects and that all of them had very strong motives to kill the victim, but let's be honest, the victim wasn't an angel either and I still can not understand why the police didn't investigate the dirty business he was doing, because everyone in the village knew them...
This book has quick dialogues and really funny scenes that will make you smile and sometimes wonder if in the next case the victim will be Amy's mother and her the killer! Read the book and you'll understand me...
I loved and at the same time I was scared of the Lord of Death, I can not tell you what it is, because we don't know, just that it seems to be alive... Who moves him? Is he a protector or a killer attract? Will we see him in the next books? I hope so!
I missed a little bit of romance in the book, the relationship between Amy and Derek seemed more as friends than something else... are they really together? Will we see a kiss or some sparks in the next adventure?
This is the 5th book of the series "A Bird Lover's Mystery Series" but you can read is as standalone.
Would you kill for a bird?

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