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Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Maggie Crozat loves to help her family at the B&B at Pelican, Louisiana, the only problem is that she seems to be a magnet for killings... but good for her that always her family and friends help her to solve the mystery. Ready for a Cajun killing?

'"He smells like sweat and gasoline," Gran' said as she watched him go. "It's surprisingly appealing. Did you know he once wrestled and alligator?"
"Half the guys in Louisiana claim they've wrestled an alligator. If alligators could roll their eyes, they'd be doing it."'

I know that family problems are bad but if you mix them with murders they will be more difficult to solve, for sure. One of the strongest points of this book was all the characters that participate in the story, they are well described and it makes the story interesting and a delight to read. Maggie's life is a roller coaster but takes time to take care of her family and friends, and investigate murders, of course.
This has been a good read, with humour, mystery and a little bit of love. This book has made me travel to Louisiana and discover a killer, not all the books can make you to be immersed in the plot and have chemistry with them since the first page, so I am sure I will search for the next book of Maggie Crozat, I want to know more about this little village and their neighbours!
This book has quite a complex plot, with a lot of subplots making more difficult to discover the killer,  and let me say it, more interesting to the reader. All the main characters could have a motive to kill, even Maggie, so, who is the real killer?
Reading about all the delicious recipes on the book was making me quite hungry so it was quite a surprise when I arrived at the end of the book and there were a few of them to make at home!
This is the third book of the Cajun Country Mystery Series, but you can read it as standalone, all the characters and relations between them are well explained and you can not miss anything.
Are you searching for a peaceful place to disconnect for a few days?

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