Yesterday by Felicia Yap

Yesterday by Felicia Yap
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

¨What's the story about? he asks.
It's simple, she says. It's a bittersweet tale about love and redemption. It is always about love in the end. Because love makes us try harder. Because love makes us want to remember."

Can you imagine living in a world where there are no memories of the past, just having some notes from your experiences, not emotions or feelings... This is the world Felicia Yap has created in Yesterday, a forgetful world where emotions are not important in your life, just the actions matter.
I was captivated by this book, it's not just a mystery book, it has a heart and makes you re-think about what really matters in your life; love and friendship!
It was a shame arriving at the end of the book, it had been a delicious read, bittersweet and sad having to say goodbye to these amazing characters, I only could wish to know more about them!
The story is told between the four main characters, Claire, a mono, whose marriage is falling a part and knows that there's something more about the woman that appeared dead that she can not remember... Mark, a famous duo that is lying to the police to save his marriage... but maybe it's too late? Sophia, the mystery woman that has appeared dead and has more secrets that you can imagine... And of course the detective of the case, who is determined to make an arrest in the next 24 hours... Why?
With these interesting characters you will be immersed in Yesterday without being able to stop reading till the last page and will make you see your loved ones with a fresh start. This is a must read!
What would you do if you didn't have memories?

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