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Vangie Vale And The Murdered Macarons by R.L. Syne
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Vangie Vale divides her time between her bakery (and delicious desserts) and being a vicar, seems weird but her second job will allow her to talk to people more easily and let her be a quite good sleuth if she is searching for a third job! So when she discovers that there was a victim with her macaron in her hands and a very handsome actor is the main suspect for the murder, she decides to start talking...!

"I'd bring a few cookies inside to ensure their stomachs were happy. Something about the way Henry's demeanor had change had me on the edge, and I wanted to make sure he didn't do anything to incriminate himself, especially since I was so certain he was innocent of the murder. Whatever he was hiding, it wasn't that."

This is a funny and interesting book, there are a lot of possible murderers and in every page, instead of begin to see the ending, the killer seems more far away than ever! I liked the neighbourhood friendship all the characters have, they agree and of course disagree, and let me say I can't wait to discover more characters and more delicacies from Vangie!
I am not a religious person, so I was a little scared when the book talked about her job, but I have to admit, it was light talk, not trying to convert you and it was quite interesting! I think Vangie being a vicar makes her more comfortable to understand the human actions and not being scared of the horrible things some people had done, just try to give a second opportunity to everyone, of course if you regret your actions!
This is the first book of The Matchbaker Mysteries series, but I really can't wait to read a new Vangie Vale adventure!
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