Things That Go by Indestructibles

Today I want to share with you my amazing discovery on my trip to California, the Indestructibles,  a collection of books that are chew proof, rip proof, non-toxic and 100% washable.

In the beginning I was quite sceptical, a book that was rip proof and chew proof was something I didn't thought it was possible to find in a book! The first thing my little one does with paper is rip it off and then put all the bits to his mouth...! So I was gladly surprised when the book didn't melt in his mouth and there was no paper bits anywhere after a few minutes, and after all the trips in California by car the book is still standing and ready for another trip!

I think this is the best book I've ever seen, I can give it to him and I am completely relaxed that he couldn't rip it, it's non toxic and if it falls I can wash it, my dream toy!

The best thing is the book is colorful, great to teach and a funny way to entertain your little one when you are travelling.

So, if you are searching for a baby don't doubt it, this is the best one!

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