The Stationery Selection - August 2017

This is my second shipment of "The Stationery Selection" and let me say that each month it surprises me with something beautiful and useful at the same time! It's not a cheap subscription, but if you love stationery it's worth the money and there's always a waiting list to buy the box!
I will show you each product that came inside this month box, you will want all of them...
First of all the Midori MD Note Light and the Midori MD Note Cover. This is a light notebook, perfect to fit in all the pockets because it doesn't take up a lot of space, perfect as a travel diary!

There's never enough washi in my life and the beautiful Classiky x ShumShum will be perfect to decorate my letters and notebooks. I liked specially this design because it represents all the landscape you can see during the Shimanami Kaido travel, a beautiful walk through the Japanese Islands.

The magnet markers are pretty and useful to mark the quotes I want to share of my book reviews, you will see them a lot from now on.

The Yamamoto Paper Kagane envelopes are one of those things that are so pretty that you don't want to use them, just stare... but I am sure the lucky penfriend that receive them will love them as much as me.

The Mundane Flower Petal Washi stickers was something I was searching, they are so delicate and pretty that no matter where you use them it will make it special!

I was surprised by the Pentel Enezel Tradio Gel Pen (black), so delicious to write with it. And the Pilot Fude Makase Brush Pen (grey) to use in calligraphy will be perfect. (I am still learning calligraphy as you can see...)

And the last one, but my favourite, the Kitta Washi Strips, some beautiful designs that came cut and with a small package to have them always on your pencil case.

What do you think? I am sure you have so many words to describe this surprising box. I can't wait to discover what new products will come in the next one! ;)

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