The Little Book Of Lagom by Jonny Jackson and Elias Larsen

Lagom, a Swedish word that means a lifestyle choice with balance; it comes from the proverb "Lagom är bäst", just the right amount is best. Lagom wants you to focus in what's best for you, not what's perfect!

This book will give you some tips to enter you to this lifestyle, trying to improve your life making it less stressful and more focus on the things you like and love.

Some of the tricks you can find in this book will sound basic, the thing is to apply all of them at the same time, making your life change for better (of course!)

I loved the delicious recipes this book contains, I can't wait to try the onion chutney! ;)

This is a book to enjoy while you are reading it, it has some great ideas, projects and some very useful tricks, but remember that you have to adapt them in your life, step by step Lagom will be your way of life.

And I think now that everyone has started working again after the holidays and started school is the best moment to introduce these little changes, not all the same day, simply little steps to make your life improve and focus on what's really best for you!

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