The Break by Marian Keyes - Review

The Break by Marian Keyes
Genre: Fiction
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

This is the story of Amy and Hug, they are taking a break on their marriage, Hugh will be leaving for 6 months while Amy will be staying home taking care of their family. Hugh says he will return, Amy is not sure he will or if she will want his return... so the important question would be, what will happen after the break?

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Marian Keyes has done it again, a real story told with humor to make us realise that no small problem or secret have a space in a marriage, we are humans and we make errors, but if we don't talk the problem will not go away, it will just grow bigger.
I've been reading Marian Keyes books for a long time, and I always recommend them, they are not just a fun story to be entertained, all of her books talk about real problems and situations that we can be identified, they always have a good ending, of course, but this is just to give us hope that our problems could be solved as the ones in the books!
I always like that Marian characters are from big families, with a lot of brothers and sisters, with quite original situations, but with witty dialogues and flashbacks the story is told making us feel part of their family.
I can't stay without mentioning how this book talks about abortion in Ireland, because sadly is still forbidden and you have to travel abroad if you need to abort. I will never understand how can someone think that has the right to decide what you can or can't do with your body.
Abortion is not the only theme that touches The Break, with parenthood, affairs and social network this book contains too many interesting themes to not give it a chance!
What would you do if your partner decide to take a break?

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