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Shadow Girl by Gerry Schmitt
Genre: Thriller
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

When a bomb hits an helicopter from the hospital, everyone thinks that it's a bomb attack... but when the police starts investigating, they find it's more complicated than that!

"Now they were all staring into the cooler, where an amorphous red glob wrapped in some kind of netting was surrounded by sterile cool packs.
'What is that?' Max asked.
'It's a heart,' Afton said. 'A human heart.'"

In this case, the detectives Max and Afton are the main characters. They seem to have a good relation, but the case they have in their hands would require all of their energies!
We know since the first moment who and why did the bomb, so the investigation has a big part in the book. It's not something that I am used, I prefer to have a little mistery...
This is one of those books where the bad men are really bad, and everyone in the case is hiding something to have a money profit... Why the rich people doesn't have any problem to kill if they have to for the money? It's something I'll never understand...
I like the detectives personalities and their partnership relation of trust and friendship, and the most important, respect!
This is the second book of An Afton Tangler Thriller, but you can read it as standalone. You will miss a little background of the characters, but not the main story.
Would you kill to make more money?

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