Miffy Books

Miffy the cute rabbit created by the artist Dick Bruna has been a character that accompanied me all my childhood, and still now, I can't resist from time to time to buy something of this little cute rabbit on it. So, having the chance to let my little one enjoy the Dick Bruna's books has been a pleasure!

We started reading Miffy and Melanie, a sweet way to explain diversity and friendship to little ones. We don't have to fear the different, simply understand it.

Miffy In the Tent has been a perfect book for summer, and the best way to teach my little one that you can have a great day on your own garden, you don't need a lot of toys to have fun. Sadly, the weather here in Ireland is not really great to have a pool outside but I don't dismiss that; in the future, a tent in the garden is a great idea!

And the last one, Miffy Look And See, my little one favourite, he enjoyed very much peeping through the pages!

Miffy's books have a simple but catchy drawing that always put a smile on the little ones. The stories are perfect to teach new words and lessons that sometimes wold be tricky to explain to our children. These are classic books that will be a hit forever!

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